Our red light district was once the biggest in Europe. Our tenement slums were once the worst in the United Kingdom.

Poverty and struggle have been hallmarks of the everyday experience for more than two centuries. The North Inner City has been a hotbed of dissent and protest and has been at the centre of many of the most dramatic moments in modern Irish history. Today, this proud community continues to hold a mirror to both social change and social inequality in Irish life.

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"When my father went to bed, we could hear him coughing and spitting all night long into the tin bucket, it was terrible. That tin bucket was also the toilet."

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Now, we tell the story of the people who lived, worked and played on these streets over the past century through our collection of memorabilia, recordings and photos.

"Some of the men would call the children over and give them a penny to tell a girl he wanted her. We didn't know what they wanted but the girls gave out stink when they seen you hanging around."