Our project is not about the great and the good of Dublin.

We are interested in the ordinary people of the North Inner City

– an area that, over the years, has suffered from poverty and neglect.
Yet, through it all, our community has displayed resilience, pride, humour, camaraderie – and of course, dissent.

Group photo
Ruined buildings

Although small in size, the North Inner City Folklore Project is perfectly formed!

Come along to our immersive visitor experience and observe exhibits relating to tenement life and beyond and absorb the atmosphere that existed when these items were in regular use.

Our treasure trove includes:

Artefacts, photos and people’s stories about tenement life (once, the worst slums in the United Kingdom), the local Magdalene laundry (where unmarried mothers were banished), Monto (once the biggest red light district in Europe), as well as childhood memories of notorious industrial schools.

The Matt Talbot Pub

The displays are accompanied by vivid pictures and recordings which bring to life the challenges and conditions that people faced in their everyday lives.

Our mission is to shine a light on the illustrious past of the North Inner City and to engage visitors with the fascinating story of the people who have lived, worked and played on these streets.

Do you have family memorabilia or stories about life in the North Inner City? We’d love to hear from you: