Red Lights and Revolution

Walk back in time: Murder mystery and suspense as you walk the streets full of history.

What you'll discover:

This tour is led by local historian and founder of the North Inner City Folklore Project, Terry Fagan. It features stories from around Dublin’s onetime famous red-light district, known as “Monto”. Hear stories of some well-known clients who visited the brothels, like King Edward VII, James Joyce and the thousands of clients, soldiers, and sailors who came into the area looking for a good time only to be ripped off in pubs and brothels. Hear how the Madams and their pimps ran Monto with an iron fist.

Find out about the prostitutes known by the local people as the, “Poor Unfortunates” who operated from brothels, streets and laneways around Monto and of their children they left behind, known as, “Monto babies.” Stories of underground tunnels used by Madams too get their well-known clients safely away during police raids on the brothels.

The tour takes in stories of the 1913 great Lockout and the 1916 Easter Rising. We also visit the site of the famous pub in Monto, Phil Shanahan’s, a meeting place for Legendary Irish hero Michael Collins and his top I.R.A men who hunted down and executed a leading British spy in Monto for his betrayal of two of Collins’s men during the War of Independence.

Walk in the footsteps of Frank Duff, founder of the Legion of Mary, who led a crusade to close down the brothels in 1925.

Hear the story of how the wording for the Irish National Anthem, Amhrán na bhFiann (The Soldier's Song) was nearly burned in a fire in Monto.

Discover what life was like for the ordinary local people living in the rat-infested tenements and of the man from Monto with the hidden secret, dubbed after his death as “Dublin’s Oskar Schindler”. His story featured on a radio documentary on RTÉ and won gold awards for the Doc on One.

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Red Lights and Revolution